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Sep 6, 2017 - Admission
Students from India come to study medicine in the FEFU School of Biomedicine

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) tripled the enrollment of students from the Republic of India. In 2017, the FEFU School of Biomedicine will take 113 freshmen to the English-language General Medicine program. A year ago, 38 Indian students started to pursue this area of study: they all successfully passed the exams and became sophomores.

According to the FEFU International Relations Office, Russian medical education is highly valued in India, the degree diplomas are recognized at the state level and allow to practice medicine. Far Eastern Federal University attracts international students by offering strong fundamental training in natural sciences, a powerful laboratory and clinical base, and partnerships with leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region.

The first in the Far East English General Medicine program was launched at FEFU in 2016 and immediately became popular with Indian youth. Its first students completed two semesters, passed their exams and, before leaving for vacation, underwent an introductory practice session at the FEFU Medical Center.

"The Medical Center is the main clinical base for our students," said Elena Khozhaenko, the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs, FEFU School of Biomedicine. "While practicing, future physicians got acquainted with the work of doctors of different  medical specialties, received primary professional skills: they learned to make injections, dressings, and swaddle babies on the simulators. After the third year of study, students will practice in India, because after the graduation they will work in hospitals in their country."

Training on the FEFU General Medicine program is entirely in English. From the first year students study the disciplines that form the basis for the training of future doctors: anatomy, medical chemistry, nursing, biology, Latin language, pathology, histology, the basics of internal human diseases, and others. Classes are also held at the FEFU Medical Center, the leading clinic in the Russian Far East.

Far Eastern Federal University received more than 3,200 international students from 52 states in the 2016–2017 academic year. It is predicted in the International Relations Office that the batch of students of 2017 will set new records—both in terms of quantity and geography of applicants. The results of the admissions campaign will be announced in September.