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Apr 6, 2018 - FEFU News
A+ Standard University English-language Websites Development Program

Dates: June 05-06, 2018
Venue: FEFU Campus, Russky Island, Vladivostok, Russia

The A+ Standard Program is designed specifically for the development of English-language websites of leading Russian universities for the purpose of internationalization and promotion of educational and research services.

A+ Standard focuses on the following areas:

1. Effective presentation of opportunities and achievements of the university on the Internet, as well as promotion of educational and research services abroad. A website is the first information resource used by partners, entrants, donors, and experts of rating agencies;

2. Addressing the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of international students' recruiting for the university academic programs;

3. Study of the best university practices of web promotion internationally;

4. Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the current version of the English-language portal of the university;

5. Recommendations for the production and publication of website content for the university staff and webmasters.

The following are invited to participate:

  • International Relations Department staff

  • University staff responsible for the website development and maintenance

  • University Press Center staff

  • PR Department staff


Contact Details:


Ekaterina Chimiris, RIAC Program Manager, echimiris@russiancouncil.ru, Tel: +7 (495) 225-62-83 (117) 

Nadezhda Pronkevich, Head of FEFU International Protocol Department, pronkevich.na@dvfu.ru, Tel: +7 (423) 265 24 24 (2581)

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