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Sep 21, 2023 - FEFU News
President of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong Un, visited the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University as a part of his diplomatic visit to Russia. DPRK Leader met with FEFU President Boris Korobets, got to know the history of the creation of the leading university in the Far East, the main directions of its activities, as well as plans to expand the scientific and educational work on campus.

As Boris Korobets told Kim Jong Un, currently FEFU is one of the biggest universities in the country and a leader in education in the Far East. Around 20 thousand students from 85 regions of the country study at the university that offers 250 educational programs in technical, engineering, technological, humanitarian, natural science, medical, pedagogical, socio-economic, mathematical and IT fields. More than 100 departments, which include 12 schools and institutes, faculty of 1,800, and more than 160 laboratories of the university are open to both beginners and world-famous scientists.

“12 years ago, President Vladimir Putin identified two main objectives for the Far Eastern Federal University: social development and saturating the workforce of the Far Eastern Federal District economy, as well as developing the Far East and Primorsky Territory as a center of science and education in the Asia-Pacific direction. As a result, we have a very wide geography of admissions. Every year, more than 60% of our first-year enrollment is from outside the Primorsky Territory, and 35% come from the European part of Russia and foreign countries. We attract the best youth in the Far East and see our mission as providing the best personnel in the most dynamically developing region of our country,” emphasized Boris Korobets.

Far Eastern Federal University is one of the key centers of Korean Studies in Russia and it has been for more than 120 years. FEFU has built long-term mutually beneficial relationships with three partner universities in North Korea: Kim Chaek University of Technology, Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies and Kim Il Sung University. Today, 450 Russians study Korean language and culture at the university.

“It is of a great significance that in the conditions of sanctions pressure exerted on our country, and at a time when many dream of us being isolated, we have more than 3,500 international students from 89 countries studying here, including 43 students from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. FEFU is a unique center for international students; we have created the best conditions for students’ life and professional development: comfortable dormitories, a Pacific Ocean bay and our own beach, sports infrastructure, a modern medical center, numerous engineering centers and laboratories equipped with the latest technology. And there will only be more such opportunities - for example, we are now designing the MegaScience installation “Russian Photon Source”. This is a photon radiation accelerator that will allow one to “look deeper” into the matter and conduct research to develop effective drugs, new materials, and complex chemical and physical processes. We already have a huge number of applications from international research teams who want to work on this equipment here in the Far East,” noted FEFU President.

Boris Korobets emphasized that the educational process and scientific research are closely related to the needs of the largest Russian companies - leaders of economic sectors that largely shape the labor market in the Far East. FEFU actively interacts with industrial partners: for example, at the last Eastern Economic Forum a joint engineering center was opened with the RusHydro company.

“We want as many students as possible to start working in hydropower engineering – this is a promising area of development. We will be very glad if students from the DPRK can get involved in this process and develop new technological solutions that are effective for the development of our countries and preserving the environment of the planet,” added FEFU President Boris Korobets in a conversation with President of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK Kim Jong Un.