Aug 30, 2019 - FEFU News
Businessmen and managers of the new formation to be trained at MBA and MPA programs at FEFU

School of Economics and Management of Far Eastern Federal University for the first time launches the Pre-Experience Master of business administration (MBA) and Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs, as well as recruiting students for the third stream of Executive MBA “Business in Asia: Creation and Promotion ". New FEFU educational products allow students to work out their business tasks, create their own project from scratch, and go the path of personal transformation.

The Pre-Experience MBA program is the only one in the Far East and Russia's second MBA program for people without managerial experience. It is specially designed not only for Bachelors or Masters, but also for aspiring entrepreneurs. The project was created in partnership with Sberbank PJSC, whose experts will train students in leadership, communications and team management. During the year, students will be able to learn all aspects of the organization’s work, increase their value in the labor market, and gain knowledge and competencies in the business sphere. They will also have the opportunity to attract financing for their projects, establish business ties and join the business community of the Far East. The mentors of the program are representatives of the authorities and various areas of business. Pre-Experience MBA training starts on October 17, 2019.

For those wishing to work in the public sector, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is launched. A new interdisciplinary educational program will allow developing a wide range of professional and extra professional competencies of managerial personnel. The start of the program is scheduled for October 31, 2019. All details can be found on the website

Thanks to the personal training trajectory and mentoring, Executive MBA participants develop a real business project, ready for presentation to investors and subsequent implementation. During the training at FEFU, participants of the first and second sets developed and launched real business projects. Projects of graduates of the first stream were successfully presented at the investment panel of the Eastern Economic Forum-2018. More information about the programs can be found at