Oct 30, 2020 - FEFU News
Environmental safety of the Sea of Japan is jointly discussed by FEFU and Kanazawa University

On October 26, 2020, students of the Polytechnic Institute and the School of Natural Sciences of Far Eastern Federal University and Kanazawa University presented their scientific works at the third joint Russian-Japanese online seminar “Environmental Research in the Sea of Japan Area” conducted in English. The topics covered the content of contaminants in the Sea of Japan basin, seawater and bottom sediments. This seminar was the fourth joint event within the framework of the alternative implementation of the university exchange program between Kanazawa University and Russian universities in 2020.

“The online seminars are an important part of the scientific activities of Russian and Japanese researchers. By participating in such events, one feels united as if everyone is working on one big project, and each of the participants plays an important role,” – said Olga Rybakova, a graduate student majoring in Technosphere Safety at the FEFU Polytechnic Institute.

“The exchange of scientific ideas should start with the students – this is what leads to the formation of active international research teams in the future. Thanks to such collaborations, more and more scientific communities are being established, where each representative studies his or her own part of the project and then has the opportunity to share his or her unique ideas among like-minded people. As a result, all scientific ideas unite, and the conferences turn into a mechanism for preventing environmental catastrophes,” said Olga Nesterova, Head of the Department of Soil Science, FEFU School of Natural Sciences.

The organizers of the seminar from Kanazawa University were the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, as well as the FEFU Polytechnic Institute and the FEFU School of Natural Sciences with the support of the Center for International Promotion, Tourism and Protocol of the Office of FEFU Vice President for International Relations.

The participants noted that the seminar helped to build new relationships with student research groups from two countries. The students exchanged contacts and are planning to hold an online round table discussion on environmental projects next year.

Since 2018, the FEFU Polytechnic Institute has been developing cooperation with Kanazawa University under the Japan-Russia exchange program in the field of fundamental research and advanced technologies. The program has been approved and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the Government of Japan since 2017. The Department of Soil Science of the FEFU School of Natural Sciences and the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology of Kanazawa University have been conducting joint research on the environmental condition of the Sea of Japan since 2018.