Jan 18, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU and Heilongjiang University plan to launch joint educational programs

Far Eastern Federal University and Heilongjiang University (China) will intensify cooperation in 2019. Plans for the creation of new educational programs, exchange of students and teachers were discussed by the FEFU Vice-President for International Relations Victoria Panova and Vice-President of Heilongjiang University Yan Ming at a meeting on January 17.

Far Eastern and Heilongjiang universities have been cooperating since 1990. The main joint project is the FEFU Confucius Institute, which was opened in 2006, the first in Russia. Universities actively exchange students and professors studying Russian and Chinese and are now ready to launch new educational programs.

As it became known during the meeting, it is interesting for both parties to open a joint Master’s Degree program in training Chinese teachers for the elementary school. Director of the FEFU School of Pedagogy, Oksana Martynenko, noted that starting from 2024, the compulsory study of a second foreign language is planned in Russian schools, and Chinese will certainly become one of the most popular among Primorye children. Yan Ming confirmed: the creation of such a program can be supported at the level of the Chinese government and the headquarters of Confucius Institutes (Hanban).

Heilongjiang University will also participate in the implementation of the contract management program launched by FEFU and SIBUR. At the Russian university, students will study the field of industrial construction, and in the PRC they will receive the necessary knowledge in the field of Chinese law, culture, and communication.

“FEFU and Heilongjiang University have much in common, a history of successful partnership and significant potential for new joint projects. Our universities play an important role in the development of cooperation between Russia and China”, said Victoria Panova. “The transition of FEFU to a modular system of education from the 2018-2019 school year will simplify our educational cooperation and allow for an active exchange of students and professors.”

China is the main FEFU partner in international education. The university develops cooperation with 50 state and private educational institutions, scientific institutes, government organizations and foundations of the country. Research and exchange programs are being successfully implemented, joint conferences and summer schools are being held. Citizens of China also represent about half of all FEFU foreign students, who are now enrolled by more than 3,500 people.

FEFU Press Service