Aug 4, 2020 - FEFU News
FEFU and Kanazawa University develop scientific ties in the field of environmental protection

The School of Engineering of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) develops Japanese-Russian cooperation in the field of academic mobility and international exchange programs. On July 29, FEFU and Kanazawa University held a joint online seminar in English for graduate students of the FEFU School of Engineering on the topic of environmental protection and resource conservation.

The seminar was organized by the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technologies and the Department of International Relations of the Kanazawa University and the Department of Emergency Safety and Environmental Protection and the Laboratory of International Center for Mineral Processing Technologies of the School of Engineering with the support of the Center for International Promotion, Tourism, and Protocol of FEFU.

The reports of Japanese and Russian scientists touched on the topic of ecology and the issues of the coastal zone pollution with microplastics, processing of waste from coal-fired power plants, and treatment of sewage. This year, due to the epidemiological situation, Kanazawa University invited FEFU to jointly organize and conduct a series of seminars in a distance format, as well as take part in the Russian-Japanese scientific online symposium in September 2020.

Master's students of the FEFU School of Engineering listened to and discussed the reports of scientists, outlined the topics for joint scientific research and online seminars prepared for the implementation of the 2020-2021 academic mobility program as part of the alternative implementation plan.

The Japanese side confirmed its readiness to continue cooperation with FEFU on organizing remote seminars in the coming autumn-winter period. In case of normalization of the epidemiological situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kanazawa University is ready to invite FEFU undergraduates to take part in the International Winter School in February-March 2021. The FEFU School of Engineering, in turn, is ready to consider the possibility of inviting Japanese 4th-year undergraduate and 1-2 year graduate students for an internship as part of the International Winter School: “Ice Mechanics”. Professor Masato Honda from the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technologies of the University of Kanazawa expressed a desire to come to Vladivostok to conduct joint research with Professor Yana Blinovskaya at the Department of Emergency Safety and Environmental Protection of the FEFU School of Engineering.

We recall that the FEFU School of Engineering has been developing cooperation with the University of Kanazawa under the inter-university scholarship Japan-Russia Basic Science Program and Advanced Technology Program since 2018. The program has been approved and funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of the Government of Japan since 2017. In addition to FEFU, leading Russian universities and Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences also participate in it.

Every year, as a result of a competitive selection, the best graduate students of the FEFU School of Engineering take part in a four-week International Summer School at the University of Kanazawa. Students choose laboratories for scientific research under the guidance of professors from the University of Kanazawa and also get the opportunity to undergo an internship at the manufacturing enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses located in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Far Eastern Federal University is intensively developing ties with Japan. Partnership agreements have been concluded with 46 universities and research centers of the country, exchanges of students and teachers, joint research and conferences are being carried out, scientific articles are published. Since 1994, a branch of FEFU has been operating on the island of Hokkaido - the first and only branch of the Russian university in Japan.