Sep 24, 2021 - FEFU News
FEFU and The University of Da Nang agreed on the development of student exchanges

Memorandums of understanding and student exchange were signed by Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the University of Da Nang (Vietnam). The corresponding documents were signed at the meeting by FEFU Vice-President for International Relations Victoria Panova and the Vice-President of the University of Da Nang Le Quan Son. Within the framework of the agreement, the universities plan to implement academic mobility programs and promote the development of student exchanges. The parties also expressed hope for further deepening of relations in the field of joint educational programs and scientific research.

“FEFU was founded in 1899 primarily as a university specializing in oriental studies, and in this area, it still maintains a leading position in Russia. Vietnamese Studies are one of the most developed areas: every year dozens of students choose to study this country as a specialty. We should definitely not stop on the agreements reached. We should consider them as an opportunity for further strengthening our relations and cooperation”, noted Victoria Panova, FEFU Vice-President for International Relations.

During the meeting, representatives of universities considered the prospects for the development of double degree programs in such areas as international relations, regional studies, digital linguistics, study and teaching of Russian as a foreign language. Also in the plans for bilateral cooperation is the training of Vietnamese specialists in the field of tourism and hospitality with knowledge of the Russian language - colleagues propose to send bachelors who graduated from the department of Russian studies in Da Nang to the magistracy of the FEFU School of Economics and Management.

The University of Da Nang is one of the strongest research centers and the best higher education institutions in Vietnam. Since 2012, FEFU and Da Nang University have interacted in the areas of academic mobility and joint educational programs. In 2017, the cooperation agreement expired, but with the active support of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Da Nang, relations between the universities resumed.

“I would like to note that Vietnam has a very strong school of Russian Studies. We are happy to see how the Russian language faculty in Da Nang is developing rapidly, interest in Russian culture is growing and the number of students is increasing every year. Cooperation between our countries in the field of education and personnel training, namely the annual increase in the number of quotas for training in Russia for Vietnamese candidates, also contributes to the interest in learning the Russian language”, said the Consul General of Russia in Da Nang Andrey Plam.

Far Eastern Federal University is the only university in the Far East and Siberia where Vietnamese studies are widely represented, and the leader in Russia in terms of the number of students studying the Vietnamese language. The university has been training graduates in Vietnam since 1987. At the moment, FEFU has partnerships with 9 universities and companies in this country. Also in 2018, a representative office of FEFU was opened in Vietnam on the basis of Hanoi State University. Its main tasks are to assist in the training of specialists in the Russian language, the development of joint textbooks and scientific articles on the methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language.