Jul 6, 2018 - FEFU News
FEFU Center of Russian Language and Culture to begin new academic year in downtown buildings

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Center of Russian Language and Culture of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU CRLC) will begin the new academic year in the university's buildings in downtown Vladivostok. Now the Preparatory Department for international students is actively preparing to move from the island campus to the city: new furniture and equipment is being purchased.

"Unconditional advantage of our moving there is that the location will allow international students to be in the center of the Russian-speaking socio-cultural environment," said Irina Cherepovskaya, FEFU CRLC Director. "All museums, theaters, cultural centers, and city events will be within walking distance, and our trainees do not lose the benefits that FEFU students have. They will still be able to use the campus infrastructure on Russky Island and to attend exciting events and student festivals."

The trainees will have access to the academic buildings in the new location at: 61a Aleutskaya Street, as well as FEFU Academic Library, dorm, and cafeteria.

As Irina Cherepovskaya noted, available classroom facility in the city buildings will allow to create a convenient academic schedule and to provide accommodation for more than 700 students from various countries in a separate dorm taking into account all wishes.

The FEFU Center of Russian Language and Culture offers international students to study the Russian language from elementary to advanced levels in short-term courses, prepares international applicants for admission to Russian-language educational programs, and introduces students to the culture and history of the country, the Russian mentality, and features of everyday life. In the next academic year, the Center of Russian Language and Culture is also opening a new program of preparation for admission to Russian-language graduate, postgraduate, and residency programs.