Oct 11, 2021 - FEFU News
FEFU develops scientific and educational ties with the Republic of Uzbekistan

A round table dedicated to the 30-th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence and the upcoming presidential elections in the republic was held at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). The participants presented reports on the development of relations between the two countries, discussed the specifics of domestic and foreign policies, and outlined plans for further cooperation between the consulate general and the university. The parties agreed to hold an event in FEFU in honor of the 30-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, which will be celebrated next year.

According to Office of Vice-President for International Relations, the Republic of Uzbekistan is an old partner of FEFU. Ties between Russia and Uzbekistan are implemented not only through official delegations, but also in the trade and economic sector and, which is especially important, at the level of the teaching staff of research and educational organizations. The proximity of cultures, a common history allow us to interact in different spheres. There has been a positive trend in recent years: communication is moving into a more expert field.

“The Institute of Oriental Studies is not only about oriental studies, we are also closely involved in international relations. The study of the history and culture of the countries of Central and Central Asia is of great interest to us. Here we see the development of relations in the creation of joint programs with the universities of Uzbekistan in such areas as the study of Russian as a foreign language, international relations, and security”, said Evgeny Pustovoit, Director of The Institute of Oriental Studies

FEFU representatives noted that the university has significant potential in training competent specialists and experts in Central Asia. First of all, it is worth paying attention to young leaders in the student environment, who can intensify bilateral dialogue. These people will become the future human resources for the development of relations between Russia and Uzbekistan.

“Interactions between our countries are actively developing. Events like this demonstrate this once again. It is in the educational sphere that the interaction between the two countries is proceeding at a rapid pace”, said Rustam Ismailov, Consul General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Vladivostok.

Participants noted that more than 30,000 citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan study in the Russian Federation. Among FEFU students, they rank third in terms of number. And this gives some hope that FEFU has a full-fledged opportunity to form a human resource for further economic and socio-humanitarian relations. And Russian education in Uzbekistan is in great demand every year.