Jul 11, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU graduates defended their innovative start-ups as final qualifying projects

Innovative startups were presented by students of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) as final qualifying projects. Each project is a completed product and a solution to a real-life problem.

Startups have been developed by students of Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree programs. Four of them are students of the School of Engineering, three are from the School of Science, one is from the School of Economics and Management. Experienced FEFU professors and invited experts helped students in their work.

Grigory Chirkunov, a future expert in economic security, for example, presented a bionic prosthesis of the hand under the sonorous name “Hephaestus”, which differs from the existing analogues by the speed of movements and reaction, increased comfort in use and more aesthetic appearance. A programmer Ilya Zuev presented the control system for Adam's personal robot. A humanoid apparatus can change viewing angles, recognizes objects and is used to estimate the distance to a given target.

The attestation commission included representatives of science, executive authorities of the region and real business: Vice President of small business of Sberbank Andrei Sharov, Acting Vice-governor of Primorsky Region Konstantin Bogdanenko, Director of Russky Technopark Dmitry Borovikov, General Director of DNS Group Dmitry Alekseev, Deputy Vice President for Development of FEFU Ilya Yaskov, Director of the School of Economics and Management Elena Gafforova and Chief Engineer of a Production Enterprise for the Operation of Boiler Equipment "Vladivostok Enterprise of Electric Networks" Sergei Reshenok. All the projects received only positive ratings.

Russky Technopark was established in the framework of instructions from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin as the international scientific, educational and technological cluster on the Russky island. The Technopark forms an ecosystem of support for technological entrepreneurship in the Far East for comprehensive support of core projects and their rapid promotion to the markets of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region together with all federal and district development institutions. Russky Technopark is a member of the Asian Technopark Association (Asian Science Park Association, ASPA) and Silk Road Hi-Tech Park Association.