May 31, 2021 - FEFU News
FEFU held the first online course on Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation for students from Brazil

On May 28, the online course "Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation", organized by FEFU in cooperation with the Academic Department for International Relations of the University Center Brasilia was successfully completed. The mastermind behind the project was a graduate of the semester educational program FEFU-BRICS International University. In the survey course, leading FEFU experts sought to deepen the understanding of Brazilian students of Russian policy in the international arena, its motives, and values ​​that underlie the foreign policy concept.

The online module brought together 34 people from 6 regions of Brazil. During 6 lectures on various aspects of Russian foreign policy Victoria Panova, FEFU Vice-President for International Relations, Evgeny Vlasov, FEFU Deputy Vice-President for International Relations, Artem Lukin, Deputy Director for Science and Innovation of Institute of Oriental Studies, Vyacheslav Gavrilov, School of Law Director and Andrey Kozinets, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations of Institute of Oriental Studies, highlighted topical issues of Russia's international position through the prism of political culture, modern values ​​and the way of thinking of the Russian people.

On May 28, the final event of the course was held - the Russian-Brazilian round table "Russia in the Global Arena". Students from Brazil and Russia shared the results of their research on the international relations of the Russian Federation on a global and regional spectrum. In addition to the leading topic of cooperation between Russia and Latin America, the roundtable participants discussed issues of international cybersecurity and the development of democratic regimes in Brazil, Russia, and Africa.

The course participants were greeted by the Brazilian Ambassador to Russia Tovar da Silva Nunes, as well as the FEFU President Nikita Anisimov. “After two weeks, students have become more familiar with the the current state of Russia's foreign policy studied the complexity of international relations with its partners and defined for themselves the role of Russia in today's world. We are confident that this course has served as a guide to understanding the Russian international vision, Russia in general and her people”, said Nikita Anisimov.