Feb 5, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU invites everybody to Digital Art Student Projects Exhibition


The exhibition of the best works of the Digital Art Master's program at the School of Data Economy students to open at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on February 6. The undergraduates of the first Digital Art program in Russia will present interactive objects and art installations created with the help of modern technologies.

The exhibition opens at 19:00 at "Ajax" coworking zone (Building A, Level 4). To take part in the event please fill up the registration form .

“Each student prepares his digital portfolio, makes self-presentation, shares why he/she studies Digital Art”, explained Ekaterina Belyayeva, head of the FEFU Digital Art academic program. The exhibition is interactive, it means that each participant can be involved.

“Exhibitions of objects of digital art, which are created by the students themselves, are an integral part of the educational process. The event, on the one hand, is festive, but on the other - very serious, because it is a real exam for students. Undergraduates create all the objects from scratch, and then they themselves organize, assemble, design the exhibition. We invite not only experts, but also everyone to rate their work. The exhibition was specifically extended until Saturday, February 9, so that everyone could come to the campus and see everything with their own eyes”, said Ilya Mirin, Director of FEFU Data Economy School.