Jun 8, 2020 - FEFU News
FEFU is looking for particpants in the BRICS Future Skills Challenge 2020

Far Eastern Federal University, WorldSkillsRussia, and Higher School of Economic invite competitors and experts from the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to take part in BRICS Future Skills Challenge 2020 on skill area Enterprise Information Systems Security.

The event will offer a unique opportunity for sharing best practices, networking and training on Enterprise Information Systems Security. It will also contribute to skills development and new formats of cooperation as well as launch new digital services and platforms. It is planned that the BRICS Future Skills Challenge 180+ will bring together and helps to share the best practices on 17 skill areas (including Enterprise Information Systems Security, Internet-of-Things, Drone Operating and etc.) for 180+ competitors and 200+ experts from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

Participants should perform two-Test Projects on Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) technologies during 3 days' competition. The practical assignment is given in the form of virtual infrastructure for corporate environment protection against internal threats. A Competitor must perform the examination and analysis of the entity's structure (as the principal security object) based on the provided materials and the stand, its computational network infrastructure, determine data flow, potential threats, and leakage channels. The technical part of the work includes deployment, configuration and phased operation of the DLP, VPN and IDS systems to identify and prevent information leakage channels and other security incidents.

BRICS Future Skills Challenge 2020 on skill area Enterprise Information Systems Security is aiming at evaluating, comparison and demonstrating of the practical skill qualifications for the students of BRICS Educational Internship Cybersecurity Master Program (Modules Cryptography and Cybersecurity).

The Enterprise Information Systems Security skill area was created by WorldSkillsRussia, leading Russian Universities (Higher School of Economics, SUAI, SFU) and key vendors in information security solutions (Infotecs, Infowatch) in 2017. The Skill competition is aimed to estimate the practical skill level of the persons who are working (or planning to start their work) in the area of corporate information protection as information security officers or security auditors. To measure the skill of the person the competition covers: installation and configuration of security systems (DLP, VPN, IDS), development of security policies, detection/blocking data leakages.

The competition will be running in an online (remote) format: the competitors (students) will connect to the workplaces remotely by Internet.

The deadline for applying is June 11, 2020.

To participate please email to avsergeev@hse.ru Anton Sergeev, Chief Expert of the Competition or contact over WhatsApp/Telegram +7 911 2320769.

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