Oct 4, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU Medical Center Presented Innovative Projects at the Far Eastern Digital Forum

Far Eastern Federal University Medical Center presented the innovative developments such as Neurotechnology, VR / AR, feedback interfaces, robotic rehabilitation tools presented at the Far Eastern Digital Forum.

Arthur Biktimirov, a neurosurgeon at the FEFU Medical Center, an analyst with the Center for Scientific Research in Neurotechnology, VR / AR, told about such projects as a device for treating epilepsy, creating a digital platform for people with Parkinson's disease, invasive spinal cord stimulation, and creating a hardware and software complex rehabilitation based on a suit with feedback elements (Teslasuit).

“Virtual reality technology is a challenge to modern rehabilitation, the main task of which is to restore vitality. But in reality, the scope of VR in rehabilitation is very limited. Teslasuit provides the connection between the brain and the parts of the body where the "breakdown" occurred. The purpose of the costume is to fill in the information void, recognize the defect and select a special rehabilitation program, as well as create feedback for obtaining objective information about the process”, said Vladislav Lukashevich, Clinical and Scientific Consultant at Teslasuit.

The use of such a product, originally developed for the gaming industry, opens up broad prospects for medical use. This is a qualitatively new product that increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation: a hardware-software complex with the ability to individually select a monitoring and rehabilitation program for motor and vestibular disorders. According to the developers, this technology allows you to completely immerse yourself in virtual reality, which reduces the time of functional recovery, as well as the time spent in the hospital, by at least 30 percent.

“VR technology enhances patient motivation during the rehabilitation process. The costume helps patients see the visual effect of the recovery process. In a game-like, competitive format, they really notice positive dynamics about the rehabilitation process”, said Arthur Biktimirov.

The NTI Center for Neurotechnology and VR / AR was created at FEFU based on the results of winning the grant competition held by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. By 2021, not only a competitive platform for developing products in the field of VR / AR should appear, but also a powerful professional community operating on the principles of open-source, forming its own market standards and providing fertile ground for world-class IT companies from Russia.