Sep 18, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU Started New Academic Year

"Freshman Day" was held at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on September 16. Educational and recreational activities and all the advantages of a leading university in the Far East were introduced to new students.

On this day, new students first met with the university leadership, professors and groupmates. Freshmen were told about the features of the study, scholarships, opportunities for research activities, social activities, sports and creativity in FEFU.

“You are the future of the university, the Far East and the whole country! Ahead of you is an interesting and eventful life. From today, each of you is forever part of a big FEFU family. And the new academic year is truly significant for us, very soon we will celebrate 120 years together with the Institute of Oriental Studies from which the modern FEFU counts its history”, said FEFU President Nikita Anisimov.

Now freshmen at FEFU are undergoing “Adaptation Week”. A rich program will allow students to get ready for a new university environment and learn about the opportunities available from the first days of study.

October 21, 2019, FEFU celebrates 120 years since the foundation of the Institute of Oriental Studies by the Decree of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. On the same day, but in 2009, by the Decree of the President of Russia, Far Eastern Federal University was established.