Oct 7, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU Students Learned about the Opportunities of SIBINTECH Company

SIBINTECH IT Company day was held at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on October 1. Students of all years of study learned about career opportunities of one of the leaders in the domestic IT services market.

“SIBINTECH should be perceived not only as a potential employer but as a unique opportunity for talents development. Employers now need initiative, creative staff. The slogan of the company “Providing Leadership” also meets the objectives of the university”, said Ilya Yaskov, FEFU Deputy Vice President for Development.

Within the framework of SIBINTECH Day, the company’s specialists delivered lectures and presentations in the sections: Corporate Information Systems, 1C System, Corporate Information Systems, Production Systems, Business Systems, Reference Information, Infrastructure and Communications, Industrial Control System and Metrology. Students also took part in the business game. The best teams and participants received memorable prizes.

“In the framework of cooperation with FEFU, we are holding the second meeting. We consider it to be important to acquaint students with the company's achievements, career development opportunities, current and future projects”, said Alexander Kuznetsov, Director of the Directorate of Normative and Reference Information, SIBINTECH.

SIBINTECH has been operating in the IT service and outsourcing market since 1999 and is one of the industry leaders. The company's portfolio of competencies includes a wide range of services for enterprise maintenance, system integration, process automation, development and implementation of information systems, business consulting and service integration, design activities and business applications, the integrated creation of IT infrastructure and the implementation of communication systems. Sibintek's regular customers are the largest enterprises in the oil and gas industry, government agencies, the financial and banking sectors, and the retail business.

Far Eastern Federal University is implementing a new model of educational partnership with employers. FEFU is actively involved in the development of personnel strategies for enterprises that come or already work in the Far East, and also opens joint educational modules in the interests of partners to provide the region with qualified personnel.