Dec 4, 2018 - FEFU News
Hackathon participants offer to automate processes at the Commercial Port of Vladivostok

FEFU students have developed production processes automation applications for the Commercial Port of Vladivostok within the hackathon competition. It is proposed to use augmented reality glasses and a special application for the smartphone to optimize some processes at the Commercial Port of Vladivostok. The Commercial Port of Vladivostok was the co-organizer of the IT marathon along with the FEFU NTI Center for Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR), the Virtual Reality Laboratory and the Russky Technopark.

Within two days, programmers developed applications that can optimize the tallymen work. Tallymen are the members of port staff who count and control a cargo during the vessel loading / discharge operations. At present, tallymen have to use several devices at once: paper and electronic tablets for recording the code-identifier, a portable radio transmitter and a camera for damage control.

Students have developed applications that allow to perform all the above-mentioned processes using a single device. For example, it can be augmented reality glasses or a smartphone. The won the hackathon and demonstrated the working technology on two types of devices.

“We developed working prototypes of two applications - for a smartphone and for augmented reality glasses. Programs can recognize the container identifier (special code), transform it into text form and independently verify it with the database. If the numbers do not match the list, the equipment gives the appropriate signal. The application is designed for the Android operating system, but in the future we can create it for other systems”, said Evgeny Fomenko, “Jpeg” team leader and the FEFU School of Natural Sciences student.

The technologies proposed for the hackathon are still planned to be improved. According to the programmers, the application can be improved to recognize not only a container identification code, but damage and defects as well.

“This hackathon was different from all previous ones. The students had a real customer, the Commercial Port of Vladivostok and a specific task that the programmers had to solve. This is one of the main objectives of the work of the FEFU NTI Center for VR / AR”, said Alexander Kripakov, FEFU Administrative Director of NTI Center for Neurotechnologies and AR/VR.

The VR / AR NTI Center was established at Far Eastern Federal University in December 2017 under the program of the National Technology Initiative for the development of AR/VR technologies, support for high-tech Russian developments, their integration into business projects in Russia and abroad.

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