Aug 7, 2020 - FEFU News
FEFU students presented the prospects for cooperation of BRICS countries in the fight against COVID-19

Students of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have joined the summer workshop "The perspective of BRICS youth on the fight against COVID-19 and cooperation of the BRICS countries in a pandemic." Vsevolod Cheresov and Anastasia Vrishch, Bachelor’s Degree students of the Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies, together with Alina Zayats, a Master’s Degree student of the School of Economics and Management, presented their report "Prospects for cooperation within BRICS in the fight against COVID-19".

The workshop was held in the format of lectures by leading experts from the BRICS countries and specialists in the field of international relations, world economy, political science and sociology. Students, on the other hand, were engaged in the preparation of scientific and analytical reports in response to the global challenges of the pandemic in the world and in the BRICS countries.

“I wanted to apply my knowledge in practice, broaden my horizons in the field of global governance, in order to better understand complex foreign economic processes. Our report presented the point of view of Russian youth on interaction in a pandemic. It contained suggestions on how BRICS can strengthen cooperation during the crisis and what steps can be taken in the long term", said Alina Zayats, a student of the World Economy Department of FEFU.

The Summer School is organized annually by the BRICS Research Center of Fudan University (PRC). The program allows young people from different countries to better understand socio-cultural, political and economic development, cooperation and also facilitates communication between BRICS participants. Due to the impossibility of holding large international forums and other events due to the epidemic situation, the format of the summer school in 2020 was changed to a seminar that took place online for two weeks.

On July 10, 70 students from Brazil, India, China, and South Africa and 38 Russian participants in the Academic Excellence and Honors Education program successfully completed the first  BRICS Educational Internship Program at FEFU. During the spring semester, they were trained in the most relevant Bachelor's and Master's programs for BRICS countries. Far Eastern Federal University has taken the initiative to conduct an educational program in connection with the chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the international association BRICS in 2020.