Sep 30, 2020 - FEFU News
FEFU takes strict measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection

The academic year at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) began in strict compliance with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Control over the implementation of anti-epidemic requirements has been strengthened. All students, staff, and professors with suspicious symptoms are sent for isolation in specially designated campus buildings.

The access of students, professors, and staff to all buildings is possible only in masks. Persons with signs of infectious diseases (fever, cough, runny nose) are not admitted to the university. To monitor the health of visitors at the entrances, thermometry is organized in a contactless way, including using mobile automatic terminals. Hand sanitizers are widely available, information stands display COVID-19 prevention reminders. All information can also be found in a special section of the FEFU website.

The decision on all measures to combat the infection is promptly made by the FEFU Center for Control of the Non-Spread of Coronavirus Infection, which has been operating since January 27 under the leadership of Oleg Pak, Vice-Presiden for Medical Affairs.

Taking into account the unfavorable epidemiological situation, FEFU has developed an action plan in case of detection of a confirmed case of coronavirus infection in students, staff, and professors. When symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 appear, people with the suspected infection must be sent to the first-aid post, where the doctor decides whether it is necessary to be placed in a quarantine building for 14 days or to be hospitalized. 

If the Center decides to place the contact persons on 14-day isolation, they are sent to the buildings of the FEFU campus allocated for quarantine measures. The conditions in them are similar in terms of comfort to conventional buildings in campus hotels. Individuals placed in isolation are provided with food and have access to food delivery services in compliance with all security measures.