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Apr 24, 2018 - FEFU News
FEFU to become one of basic points of territorial, research and technology development of Russia

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Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) will become one of the basic points of Russia's territorial development. FEFU, being a large research center, will host a synchrotron—the newest device for the study of physical phenomena—and will develop projects in nuclear radiation medicine and deep-water resource development. This was stated at the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the leadership of the Russia Academy of Sciences and Kurchatov Institute National Research Center.

The President of Russia noted that the establishment of a network of federal universities allowed us to strengthen not only education, but also the scientific space in general. The further steps on development of science are defined in all regions of the country now.

“Large research centers will be created on the basis of the leading universities in Kaliningrad, in the Volga region, in the south of the country, in Siberia, and the Far East. As a matter of fact, they are created with might and main. They are designed to significantly strengthen our competitiveness, to become the centers of attraction for the best international scientists, for our young researchers,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Our whole project of territorial development of the country is aimed at creating conditions for people's creativity to unite them and form new research groups.”

Alexander Sergeyev, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), noted that for the territorial development of the country it is important to solve the issue of uneven development of regions. A separate program of scientific and technical development with support of the federal center is necessary for the Far East that will help to solve the issue of young personnel attrition.

“It is important to organize large anchor projects in which it would be interesting to work. We offer three projects. They have been agreed with Yuri P. Trutnev, Representative of the President in the Far East, and discussed for several months at the Academy of Sciences. This is the establishment of a pilot Center of Nuclear Radiation Medicine. First. The second is a comprehensive project for the development of deep-sea resources in the Pacific. And the third one is the construction of synchrotron on Russky Island. The region leadership supports these proposals and is ready to offer regional co-financing for these processes to get started,” said Alexander Sergeyev.

The FEFU Honorary Professor Andrey Adrianov, RAS Vice-President, added that thanks to the support of the President several major projects have already been implemented in the Far East. The construction of synchrotron in Vladivostok will give a new powerful impetus to the development of science in the region. The deep-sea research project, in its turn, will help to implement the strategic goals of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region, to develop the colossal resources of the Pacific Ocean; and the Center of Nuclear Radiation Medicine on Russky Island will allow the high-tech medical assistance to be provided for the population.