Feb 13, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU to host Ice Mechanics School for students from 3 universities of China

V International Winter School Ice Mechanics will be held at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) from February 17 to 24. For the first time, 43 students from universities and research centers in China are to attend a course of lectures and conduct experiments on open ice under the guidance of FEFU scientists.

The school will bring together a record number of participants from China. Applications were submitted by students from the Harbin University of Engineering, China Shipbuilding Research Center, and Harbin Institute of Technology. Such interest is caused by the widespread fame of the FEFU scientific school in the field of ice research, as well as the unique location of the campus where you can study the sea ice in the area adjacent to the university.

“We have been conducting ice research since the 1980s, we have directly participated in the implementation of the largest projects on Sakhalin to develop oil and gas fields on the continental shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk, which is known all over the world. An international ice research laboratory operates at FEFU and the best conditions have been created that enable us to acquire skills in the field of studying and determining the properties of natural sea ice”, said Alexander Bekker, Director of the FEFU School of Engineering.

Ice Mechanics will be opened with a series of lectures from professors and scientists of FEFU. Field experiments in Novik Bay will be the main part of the school. Participants will take samples of ice for laboratory research and conduct tests directly at the site: they will study the strength, salinity, density, structure, temperature, and heterogeneity of natural ice. At the end of the school, students will present the results of the weekly work, pass the exam and receive certificates.

The Far Eastern Federal University has been conducting Ice Schools since 2015 within the framework of the Arctic International Research and Education Center. The project aims to create a center of excellence in the field of Arctic technologies for the development of ocean resources. The statistics obtained from the schools of Ice Mechanics are planned to be used in the construction of ships and drilling platforms in the Arctic.