May 20, 2019 - FEFU News
FEFU to host Russia-China Robotics Forum

The meeting of the Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China (ATURC) will take place on May 22–26 at the campus of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). Its main topic is the development of educational robotics. Teachers, engineers, and researchers of the largest universities of the two countries, including those from FEFU, will make presentations on advanced achievements and other important aspects in the development and application of automated technical systems that are the basis of advanced production.

The program of the meeting includes three separate events united by one topic. Participants will consider five key issues: “Traffic control systems”, “Energy of robotic complexes”, “Problems, tasks, and experience of using robotic systems”, “Technical vision systems” and “Technologies for creating robotic systems and their elements”. The working language of the meetings is English.

The third event is the Russian-Chinese underwater robotics competition. Teams will have to work with remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicles, which they will bring with them. Smart machines will perform their tasks in the pool. For example, they will be required to lift the specified objects from the bottom to the surface, open the hatch and extract a certain object from under it, connect two cables under water.

The largest universities of China and Russia are involved in the work of this association, which makes it possible to jointly carry out truly important international events. The forum is designed to help build cooperation and exchange experience with colleagues not only in the context of robotic activities, but also on a number of humanitarian issues”, said Alexander Becker, Director of FEFU School of Engineering, Doctor of technical sciences.

Underwater robotics is one of the priorities for Far Eastern Federal University. In this area, the university has international prestige, which is confirmed by successful performances of students and graduate students at prestigious competitions. In the spring of 2019, the team of FEFU and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences won the Asian Championship in the Singapore AUV Challenge, ahead of 35 teams from leading universities in Asia-Pacific.