Apr 15, 2021 - FEFU News
FEFU united Russian experts in Oriental Studies at All-Russia Competition

The final of the All-Russia Competition "I am a Professional" of the presidential platform "Russia is Country of Opportunities" in "Oriental Studies: Sinology, Korean Studies, Japanese Studies" was hosted by Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) for the third time. The final stage took place online and brought together 117 finalist students from all over Russia. Orientalists demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of scientific and technological progress, digital technologies, the culture of the country, and, in general, their professional skills.

According to the organizers, this year, two weeks before the final defense, each participant could choose one of two topics. The presentation was assessed according to the correspondence of the content to the given topic, the reasoning of the conclusions, the lexical content, the reflection of the author's personal view of the problem, the quality of the visual range (presentation), and other criteria. The results of the final stage of Oriental Studies will be published by the end of May.

Far East is a strategic region for promoting Russian foreign policy in the countries of East Asia. It is the Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies of FEFU that trains professionals to further develop relations with our eastern neighbors. The Olympiad is not just an opportunity to show your knowledge, but also to take a big step in your career and further refine your skills”, said Evgeny Pustovoit, Director of FEFU Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies.

“It's no secret that interest in the languages ​​and culture of the East has been steadily growing in recent years. With great pride, I can note the fact that for the sake of learning oriental languages, students come to FEFU from all over our country. The Competition "I am a Professional" has shown that it is a wonderful platform for communication, fostering a healthy competitive spirit and a reason for self-improvement. One of the topics proposed this year for preparing a speech related to the development of the country in the digital era. It is very difficult, but relevant in our rapidly changing world. As a member of the jury, I was very interested in the speeches on this topic, and I learned a lot for myself. I am sure that students' interest in participating in such competitions will only grow”, said Tatyana Deryugina, a member of the jury, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Korean Studies at FEFU Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies.