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Oct 3, 2023 - FEFU News
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) has a long-term cooperation with the Chinese Longmei Corporation. Organizations annually expand joint projects, the purpose of which is cultural and educational exchange. During the VIII Eastern Economic Forum, the parties agreed to increase the number of Chinese students studying at the Russian Language and Culture Centers of the Far Eastern Federal University on the basis of Longmei.

Longmei Education Corporation is a permanent partner of FEFU. Systematic exchange of students and employees, numerous joint educational programs have allowed organizations to build a special environment for the formation of highly qualified specialists. University graduates are successfully employed by the Corporation. For example, the director of the Russian school "Longmei" in Harbin, candidate of political sciences Chang Yan is a graduate of the Oriental Institute - School of Regional and International Studies of the Far Eastern Federal University.

We also note that this year alone, on the basis of the Corporation, the university opened two Centers for Russian Language and Culture in the cities of Shanzhi and Bianxie. Currently, in each of them, more than 150 students are studying the Russian language using programs specially developed by FEFU specialists, preparing for admission to higher educational institutions in Russia.

“In general, 2023 marked the resumption of intense interaction with partners from the PRC after a three-year coronavirus pause. FEFU was visited by more than 50 Chinese delegations; together with the Longmei Corporation, the university organized four summer schools, where Chinese students and schoolchildren got acquainted with Russian culture, scientific projects and the university’s laboratory complex. Every year, interest in education at FEFU is growing, so we are constantly improving the proposed training programs for foreigners, expanding enrollment in the Centers of Russian Language and Culture,” noted FEFU Vice President for International Relations Evgeny Vlasov.

During a meeting at the Eastern Economic Forum, FEFU and the Longmei Corporation agreed to increase the enrollment of students in schools based on the Corporation. The Chinese side is also showing interest in the “General Medicine” educational program at the university and intends to organize special training for admission to FEFU.

Let us remind you that the Far Eastern Federal University has been collaborating with the Longmei Education Corporation since 2017. The organization specializes in teaching art, music, design and dance skills to high school students, and also prepares them for admission to higher education institutions. Over the years, FEFU and Longmei have implemented advanced training programs for teachers of art and design, held conferences, creative shows, competitions and festivals.