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Oct 24, 2023 - FEFU News
Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is transforming educational programs for training engineering personnel. The university responds to the demands of the modern economy and focuses on training personnel ready to work in the markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Today, the main task of the university is to ensure that graduates are adaptable to the realities of bilateral relations between Russia and China. At the university, future specialists are given not only professional competencies, but also are introduced to working in international teams and the peculiarities of the Chinese economy. FEFU President Boris Korobets spoke about this at the “One Belt – One Road” forum in Beijing.

In 2023, the forum of the One Belt, One Road project brought together representatives from 130 countries. The forum program includes a number of events dedicated to various aspects of international cooperation, including issues of training personnel for the development of relations between Russia and China in the technology sector.

In his speech at one of the sections, the FEFU President noted that building long-term bilateral cooperation in the technological field requires the formation of new resource centers. They will allow to unite science, education and technology of Russia and China. Understanding and expanding regional knowledge is fundamental to sustainable collaboration.

“New personnel for the international market require new competencies. We will train future engineers to work in an international environment - in teams where specialists not only have different professional experience, but also speak different languages and adhere to different cultural values. In addition, it is important to teach our specialists to adapt their projects to the rapidly changing requirements of international markets, where national features and rules play an important role. I am convinced that it is necessary to accelerate the training of engineering personnel with competencies in Chinese Studies, and FEFU is ready to act as a flagship on the path to this goal,” emphasized Boris Korobets.

The President noted that in addition to the universities of the two countries, industrial partners should be included in the educational process as well. That is to effectively conduct two-way interaction in the technological field not only at the unit level like “university to university” or “company to company”, but also in the “collaboration project to collaboration project” format. Where each side is represented by a scientific and technological association: a university and a company. This will allow for training practice-oriented specialists who can work in international teams in international markets.

FEFU already has experience in effective interaction in training engineering personnel for the domestic economy with leading enterprises in the industry, for example the Rosneft company, which has employed more than 200 university graduates over the past three years. In addition, the university has agreements with more than 60 educational institutions, scientific institutes, government organizations, business companies and foundations of the People's Republic of China. All this allows the Far Eastern Federal University to act as a key link in the system of training new generation engineers for Russian-Chinese cooperation.

Let us remind you that FEFU is one of the three leading universities in Russia, where Chinese Studies is represented. Joint projects between the two countries are being implemented within the framework of the “Russia’s Turn to the East” initiative, announced by President Vladimir Putin, the task of which is to promote the Russian scientific and business communities in the market of the Asia-Pacific region.