Mar 10, 2022 - FEFU News
FEFU will support international students who have found themselves in a difficult situation

International students of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) can count on comprehensive assistance from the university in solving financial, domestic, psychological, and other problems caused by the current international situation. At a meeting with international students, FEFU Acting President Boris Korobets answered students’ questions and spoke about the support measures being taken.

- We have always supported and will continue supporting you and your desire to study in Russia. And we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable in the current situation. You will not be left alone, and you can always count on our help, - Boris Korobets assured the students.

It should be noted that there are currently over 1300 international students on campus. They were among the first to experience restrictions, primarily related to money transfers from abroad.

In the current situation, the FEFU administration has established a moratorium on all mandatory payments towards tuition fees and accommodation for international students. The university is ready to provide financial assistance to those in need. 

These days, the FEFU Situation Center has opened its doors to provide all the necessary assistance to the students. You can apply via phone: 8 (800) 550-38-38 or the short number *025 volunteers and employees of the Center will consult on accommodation, education, and life, and provide psychological support. The Situation Center will also assist international students with money transfers and registering bank cards with the MIR payment system.

Another initiative for students' financial support has been introduced by FEFU President. According to Boris Korobets, a student labor market is already being developed at FEFU, which will increase the number of vacancies on campus. In addition, the university is ready to support student startups projects focused on FEFU infrastructure development.

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