Nov 30, 2020 - FEFU News
Information about the organization of the educational process at FEFU from November 30

Dear students and university staff!

According to the operational information of the Government of Primorsky Region, next week restrictions on transport links on the Russian bridge will remain. The exact date of the opening of traffic will be announced later, as soon as the specialists completely eliminate the threat of ice falling from the cables onto the roadway. Given these circumstances, as well as the need to plan study and working hours in advance, Far Eastern Federal University decided to extend the full-time classes in electronic educational environments from November 30 to December 5. The list of online taught disciplines is determined by schools if teaching format is possible without losing the quality of education and if students and professors have technical conditions.

The academic schedule will be updated accordingly. The implementation of disciplines offline in campus classrooms is scheduled to continue on December 7.

Additional subject commissions, the dates of which fall on the period from November 30 to December 5, will also be held in the electronic environment.

The previously made decision to hold, until December 19, disciplines requiring the mandatory full-time presence of students to ensure high-quality teaching (for example, workshops and laboratory classes), and the possible transfer of the educational process in electronic format from December 21, remains in force. The list of such disciplines is determined by the Academic Councils of the FEFU Schools.

However, due to the emergency situation that arose in Primorsky Region, the time for full-time classes was forced to be reduced, in some groups the duration of full-time classes (primarily workshops and laboratory works) can be extended by the joint decision of students and a professor.