Jul 14, 2020 - FEFU News
More than 100 BRICS students completed the four-month program at FEFU

70 students from Brazil, India, China, and the Republic of South Africa and 38 Russian participants of the Academic Excellence and Honors Education (AEHE) program successfully completed the first BRICS Educational Internship Program at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). During the spring semester, they underwent training in the most relevant areas of undergraduate and graduate programs for BRICS countries. The closing ceremony was held in an online format.

“BRICS educational internship has become a unique experience, one of the most striking initiatives of the university in 2020. The program showed that the exchange of talent is a very important aspect of interstate cooperation. Youth power leads us to new perspectives of BRICS cooperation, regardless of any obstacles and challenges. It was a meaningful and significant project that marked a new promising generation of world leaders”, said Nikita Anisimov, FEFU President.

The program included the most relevant educational areas for BRICS members: International Relations, General Medicine, Cybersecurity, International Business and Project Management, Aquatic Biological Research. The training was conducted by the leading professors of FEFU and invited scientists from other universities in the world. Students took part in lectures, research seminars, defended their final works, and also got the opportunity to discuss the current global agenda, study Russia's foreign policy, its role in BRICS.

Due to the self-isolation regime and the epidemiological situation, since March 23, students studied online. Thanks to the transfer of the internship in an electronic environment, even students from China who could not come to Vladivostok because of the closed borders were able to join the educational process.

In addition to the educational program, internship participants were trained in intercultural communication skills. In addition, students were immersed in the practical development of proposals and initiatives for the development of interaction in selected academic areas thanks to the intensive course named “BRICS Dialogues”, adopted a declaration with proposals for the international community on the Fifth Far Eastern Model United Nations.

Along with their studies, students participated in cultural and sightseeing programs. Open Russian language lessons were held in a conversation club, as well as master classes on the cultural traditions of Russia, informal meetings with FEFU students, joint events with MUNRFE and the Association of Russian and Foreign Students, and on the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, they got acquainted with the poet's works.

Far Eastern Federal University took the initiative to conduct the BRICS educational program in connection with the chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the international association in 2020. Students began classes at FEFU on March 2.

The Far Eastern Federal University is actively working to internationalize and expand international cooperation with foreign partners. The organization of educational programs is an integral part of integrating the university into the global agenda and increasing competitiveness in the framework of Project 5-100. More than 3,500 foreign students from 74 countries study at FEFU; more than 180 professors from foreign universities teach.