Jul 21, 2020 - FEFU News
More than 9400 applications have been submitted for FEFU admission

9453 applications for admission have been submitted to Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) since the beginning of the 2020 Admissions Campaign. 3641 applicants represent 20 foreign countries and 70 regions of Russia. This year, documents are accepted only online: on the university website, through a mobile application, or the State Services portal.

According to the admissions committee, the most popular at the moment are such areas as "Economics" - 650 applications, "Management" - 571, "Oriental and African Studies" - 451, "Law" - 436, "International Relations" - 431. 135 applicants expressed their desire to become a teacher.

Applications have already been received from 70 regions of Russia. Most of them are from Primorsky Region, there are more than 1,500 of them. The rest mainly represent the subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District: about 300 people from Khabarovsk Region, about 200 from Sakhalin Region. Among foreign countries, China is leading in the number of applicants - 159 applications.

During the two weeks of the Admission Campaign for Master’s Degree Programs, applicants managed to submit 168 applications. The main flow of future Masters at FEFU is expected by the beginning of August when university graduates defend their graduation qualification works and receive diplomas. 20 people chose postgraduate studies to continue their research activities, 5 applications entered the residency.

This year, applicants can choose the areas of Bachelor’s and Specialist’s studies even before they pass the exam, they have the opportunity to apply for three areas at once. Once the exam results are published, the system will automatically rank all applicants in the Applicant List by rating. Thanks to filters, users can quickly find their position in the competition; for convenience, those who have the highest chances of being enrolled are highlighted in green. Applicants can independently assess their position in the list and write a Consent for admission to the chosen field of study or specialty.