Sep 25, 2020 - FEFU News
Real-time thermometry system is installed at FEFU

A new thermal imager has been installed at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) for contactless measurement of body temperature in the context of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The device allows you to conduct thermometry instantly, without delaying the flow of people at the entrance. The measurement results are displayed on the monitor in less than 1 second.

According to the representative of Hikvision in Vladivostok, the complex is a thermographic camera, video recorder, and temperature calibrator. A device with a face detection function in the frame determines the area suitable for thermometry, and then takes a measurement using an infrared sensor. An important factor for the university is the ability to conduct real-time verification of 30 people at the same time.

Using an algorithm, the thermal imaging module measures the temperature only on people's faces, distinguishing them from similar objects, and does not react to other sources of heat, such as glasses with hot coffee in hand. The mask does not interfere with thermometry. The accuracy of the instrument is 0.3 ℃.

“The autumn period is coming, when traditional seasonal diseases - flu and colds - are added to the threat of Covid-19, which worsen the epidemiological situation. Therefore, it is now especially important to ensure rapid temperature measurement for all visitors to the FEFU campus, without creating queues. This will help to quickly track the onset of symptoms and prevent the spread of infection”, said Oleg Pak, Vice-President for Medical Affairs of Far Eastern Federal University.

If the measurement results exceed the norm, the video recorder will issue an alarm message and notify the security officer with a sound signal. Recall that FEFU will not admit persons with signs of infectious diseases (fever, cough, runny nose).

At the moment, a television camera is located at the entrance to building C. Already, the equipment can significantly reduce the number of people at the entrance. Upon successful completion of the test period, the devices will be installed in other educational and administrative buildings of the campus.

With the beginning of the academic year, FEFU strengthened measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The passage of students, teachers and staff into the buildings is possible only in masks, thermometry is mandatory at the entrance, hand sanitizers are installed. Answers to the most pressing questions related to the peculiarities of living and studying at FEFU can be found in a special section on the website Academic year 2020.