Jul 16, 2019 - FEFU News
Reporters from leading Asian mass media visited FEFU

Representatives of the media in the Asia-Pacific region visited Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) as part of a press tour to the Primorsky Region. The guests were given a tour of the campus territory and facilities, as well as a meeting with the Vice-President for International Relations Victoria Panova.

The group of foreign media includes correspondents from China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency (PRC), Heilongjiang Television and Radio Company (PRC), The Straits Times newspaper (Singapore), Sun Media agency (Singapore), Dentsu agency (Japan) and the Vietnamese news agency.

The guests were interested what majors are attractive for foreign applicants, how the future of specialists trained in FEFU was formed, what goals the university set for itself in relation to students from abroad. Singapore journalist Vijayan Kanaya Coomaraswamy wondered if there were any concerns that over time foreign students would outperform Russian students and become more competitive.

“FEFU is first and foremost an international university looking for talents. For Russian students, such competition will be only a plus, because it stimulates more serious work and high achievements”, Victoria Panova shared her opinion.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, more than 3,500 foreign students from 74 countries study at FEFU. About 60% of students are citizens of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The work on attracting students from abroad is carried out dynamically, and one of the tasks for the coming year: an increase in the number of foreign students to 30% of the total number of FEFU students.

The university actively develops cooperation with many state and private educational institutions, scientific institutes, government organizations and foundations. Research and exchange programs are also being successfully implemented, joint conferences and summer schools are being held.