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Mar 17, 2023 - FEFU News

On March 10, the spring breeze in Vladivostok seemed a little cooler, and the happy songs of "Goddess Day" were still lingering in Ajax Bay, Russky Island. Five people, including Lang Hailong, Vice President of Education and Admissions, Hu Guoan, Executive Vice President, and Li Haixia, Vice President of Teaching and Learning of Hebei Zhuoda Education School, were invited to FEFU Campus by Evgeny Vlasov, Vice President for International Relations of Far Eastern Federal University.

During the official meeting the two sides exchanged views on the implementation details of the Joint Preparatory Center and English teaching. Evgeny Vlasov, Vice President said, "The establishment of the Joint Preparatory Center in Shijiazhuang fully takes into account the geographical advantage of Hebei Province's proximity to the Chinese capital. The deeper reason is to facilitate the direct selection of international students in China, to improve the performance of international students and to allow more talented Chinese students to learn about FEFU, choose it and achieve their future university dreams.”

Evgeny Vlasov also stressed: “The Chinese side should grasp the entrance threshold to ensure the high performance level of international students and carefully complete the teaching and management tasks of the first semester in accordance with the university curriculum and requirements. FEFU, as a university directly under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, has always been strict with enrolling and graduating conditions, and it is important for students to obtain a high level of self-discipline in order to graduate".

On behalf of the Chinese side, President Lang Hailong stressed that the Center will fully implement the admission requirements of FEFU, strictly control the credentials of students admitted, pay close attention to the teaching and management of international students during their study in the Center, and increase the publicity to encourage more Chinese students to study at FEFU. Lang presented a piece of traditional Chinese calligraphy with the words "One Belt, One Road, education first" to FEFU. He also invited FEFU team to attend the International Fair CIEET-2023 in Beijing, China, in early April.

During the meeting, the two sides expressed great interest and determination in organizing the joint preparatory activities and potentially establishing the Joint Preparatory Center, exchanged gifts and took a group photo.

During this period, all the leaders had a discussion with some representatives of Chinese international students to get to know about their university life, told them to study hard and grow into professional talents with patriotic feelings and international vision as soon as possible, and took a photo with them.

Before the meeting, accompanied by Ms. Irina Cherepovskaya, Director of FEFU Center for Russian Language and Culture, the Chinese representatives visited the Center and got immersed in the history of the Preparatory School, teaching curriculum, education management for international students, etc., which would lay a solid foundation for the enrollment management of the Joint Preparatory Center in the future.

Among those who also attended the meeting were Anna Volodkina, Director of the Center for International Promotion, Tourism and Protocol, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Ekaterina Dvoinikova, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs of the School of Medicine, Maria Panina, Senior Specialist and Interpreter of the Center for International Promotion, Tourism and Protocol, Maxim Sotnikov, Specialist of International Protocol Sector, Center for International Promotion, Tourism and Protocol, Director Wang Juntao, Teacher Wang Wei and other representatives of the Chinese delegation.