Sep 17, 2020 - FEFU News
Russky Technopark represented FEFU at the Conclave by Amity University

On September 10, 2020, Russky Technopark CEO Dmitry Borovikov participated as a speaker at E-HR Conclave 2020 "Startup Innovation spirit of New India". The event was held online under Amity University, one of the key international partners of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). Amity is one of the most popular and dynamically developing universities in India, with branches in the largest cities of the country and representative offices in the UK, the UAE, Singapore, and China. At the V Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), held in September 2019, Amity and FEFU have agreed to cross open the representative offices of their universities.

More than 1000 Amity students joined the Conclave. The event was moderated by Amity Universities Group Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Gurinder Singh, while among the top speakers was the Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University (Australia), Prof. Ian Martin, along with the Chairman of the Indian business magazine "Businessworld", Dr. Annurag Batra. During the sessions, the guests discussed crucial issues, such as developing the resilience of India and other countries to global crises, as well as issues of bringing up the next generation of employees and transforming a corporate culture into a new format.

In his speech, Mr. Borovikov noted the steady development of India-Russia cooperation through various programs and initiatives, especially on the territory of the Russian Far East. He also noted that nowadays FEFU is a second home for more than 200 Indian students, who are pursuing various undergraduate programs. Following the redline of the event, Mr. Borovikov shared the experience of Russky Technopark on adapting to the pandemic and spoke about the "Startup as Diploma" Student Online Accelerator. "For 1,5 months out students the lectures and master classes by the top-notch experts, worked every week with professional mentors, and, as a result, presented their full-fledged projects during the final Demo Day. It was an extremely challenging, but deeply rewarding three-month period. This experience brought us enormous positive feedbacks, which left us no choice but to pursue this approach further", - highlighted Russky Technopark CEO.

Furthermore, Mr. Borovikov told the Conclave participants about the upcoming major project of Russky Technopark – the Far Eastern Start. It is an educational program on technological entrepreneurship for the students of the Far Eastern Federal district in Russia. At the end of his speech, Mr. Borovikov expressed hope for further cooperation between Indian experts and Russky Technopark within the framework of the Far Eastern Start and noted the high possibility of internationalization of this project, and the potential to export the best practices to the Asia-Pacific region.

Russky Technopark (RU TechPark), established at FEFU pursuant to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, is designed to create the ecosystem of technology entrepreneurship to ensure the innovative development of the entire Russian Far East and to assist Russian hi-tech companies in entering the promising Asia-Pacific markets. Since 2020, Russky Technopark has become the regional operator of the Skolkovo Foundation, maximizing its value for more than 75 resident companies. The partnership network of Russky Technopark unites such countries as China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, India, and Vietnam. Moreover, Russky Technopark is a member of the Asian Science Park Association (ASPA), Silk Road Hi-Tech Park Association, and UBI Global community. In 2018 FEFU welcomed the 22nd ASPA Annual Conference on its campus.

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