Nov 8, 2019 - FEFU News
Russky Technopark was presented to Kangwon Province Delegation

The capabilities of Russky Technopark of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) were presented to the delegation from Kangwon Province (Republic of Korea). The delegation of 14 members included representatives of the Provincial Legislative Assembly.

“We are pleased with the new proposals of foreign partners for cooperation with Russky Technopark. The technopark was conceived as an international project, and we are working to ensure that it becomes a point of attraction for high technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. 70 companies are already residents of the technopark”, said Dmitry Borovikov, Director of Russky Technopark.

“We work with the largest universities in the Republic of Korea in the field of science and education. Recently, we have celebrated the 120th anniversary of the Institute of Oriental Studies, whose successor is FEFU, the university has developed engineering, humanitarian, and natural sciences. However, until now, the oriental competencies of the university remain the strongest not only in the region, but throughout the country. Today, FEFU is a leading center for oriental education, and the Korean direction occupies one of the leading places in it”, said Evgeny Vlasov, Deputy Vice-President for International Relations at FEFU.

“Our delegation arrived at FEFU to discuss the possibilities of further cooperation. We hope that your university will play a crucial role in the development of relations between Russia and the Republic of Korea. There is also a technopark in Kangwon province, and we want mutually beneficial cooperation to also promote friendly ties and the prosperity of our countries”, said the Chairman of the Russian-Korean Cooperation Council.

Representatives of Kangwon Province were also interested in the level and scale of studying the Korean language and culture at the university. They noted that many in Korea, including representatives of government agencies, consider FEFU a key center for the dissemination of language and reliable knowledge of the country.