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Mar 7, 2023 - FEFU News
More than 800 kids passed to the final of the XI season of the School Olympiad of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) "Ocean of Knowledge". Students from 11 countries and 73 regions of Russia tested their skills in the Russian language, Mathematics, History, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature and Geography for two months and fought to reach the final stage.

More than 3,500 school students from grades 8 to 11 took part in the qualifying stage. The Primorsky Region turned out to be the most active - 1483 students joined the ranks of the Olympiads. In addition, children from Khabarovsk showed great interest - 525 participants, 379 students from the Amur Region, 155 from the Krasnoyarsk Region and 115 from Yakutia.

“The results of the qualifying round of the Ocean of Knowledge Olympiad shows the increased interest of school students from all over the country not only in the first and most significant Olympiad project in the history of FEFU, but also in the university as a whole. It was precisely such a broad representation of the subjects of the Russian Federation and foreign countries that the organizers of the first Olympiad, held in partnership with the All-Russian Center "Ocean" in 2012, dreamed of. I wish the participants of the final round to successfully complete the competitive tasks, and after passing the exam, join the number of applicants for the Far Eastern Federal University, ” said Andrey Shushin, executive secretary of the FEFU Admissions Committee.

The winners and prize-winners of the qualifying stage will go to the final round of the Olympiad, which will bring together students at the sites of the Far Eastern Federal University and the Excellent Worker training centers in Blagoveshchensk and Khabarovsk, as well as in a remote format in March 2023. Participants of the final competition must register before March 10, 2023.

The winners of the final stage will receive the coveted reward: champions in Mathematics, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature and Geography will add 10 points to their results in Unified State Exams, if the subject is included in the list of entrance exams. The prize place will provide the future applicant with 5 additional points.

In addition, profiles in the Russian language and Social Studies were included in the list of Olympiads for students for the 2022/2023 academic year, approved by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Therefore, a victory or a prize place in these two subjects will help the student enter any educational program at FEFU or another university without exams, if the subject is included in the list of entrance tests. At the same time, the student must prove the status of a diploma student by scoring at least 75 points on the exam.

Recall that the “Ocean of Knowledge” is an Olympiad that has been held by the Far Eastern Federal University for many years. The Olympiad is aimed at identifying and developing school students' creative abilities and interest in research activities.

Full information on admission to Bachelor's, Specialist's and Master's programs, admission conditions, the number of budget places, passing scores, terms and stages of enrollment are available on the FEFU website. All questions will be answered via the hotline 8-800-555-0-888 (toll-free within Russia), e-mail and on the FEFU Applicants page on VKontakte.