Jun 21, 2021 - FEFU News
Several printed copies were donated to FEFU Academic Library Fund and Institute of Oriental Studies

Long-awaited textbooks on the history of international relations of the 20-th century in English prepared by MGIMO-University - partner of FEFU - came in hard copy in 2021. Several printed copies were donated to FEFU Academic Library Fund and Institute of Oriental Studies.

Vice President for International Relations, Dr. Victoria Panova believes that these textbooks will fill the existing gap in the availability of non-biased literature that offers a comprehensive review of the international developments of the 20t-h century, the role of great powers in the Yalta-Potsdam system, regional subsystems features and major bifurcation points of the bipolar period. Educational process, especially existing FEFU own and joint degree programs, taught in the English language, including joint FEFU-MGIMO Master's program, would be definitely benefitting from this publication. Introducing such textbooks into the learning process and intensive cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign educational and research institutions, along with the already existing highly professional pool of University professors, would definitely allow FEFU to remain among leaders in teaching and quality research of international relations and foreign policy, which was partially supported by the fact, that it grew by another 32 points in the world QS ranking this year.

Dr. Artyom Lukin, Deputy Director for Research at the Oriental Institute: "That's a very valuable gift, especially for FEFU students and the faculty who specialize in international relations and diplomacy. Knowing the history of international relations is essential to understanding the present-day international politics and forecasting its future trajectories."

Director of the FEFU Academic Library Sergey Soloviev noted the importance of the appearance of these textbooks in FEFU, and also expressed hope for the early acquisition of the electronic version of the books in the e-catalogs of the FEFU library for the convenience of students, teachers, and all interested persons.