Jan 14, 2022 - FEFU News
SUP surfing is waiting for participants of student tourism in FEFU

Far Eastern Federal University will provide the participants of the student tourism program with water recreation opportunities in 2022. For that purpose, FEFU has purchased the equipment for SUP surfing activities using grant funds.

“Our university is located in the unique picturesque Ajax Bay with direct access to the seaside. In that regard, such scenery can be considered a prominent advantage for the realization of the student tourism program, which led to the decision to offer open water tours on SUP-boards to the students. Currently, students of the Department for Tourism and Hospitality are developing the safest route. In addition, the instructors planned to be trained specifically for the developed route.” said Daria Romantsova, Head of the Academy of Hospitality project at the FEFU School of Economics and Management.

According to the FEFU Department for Student Affairs, funds for the purchase of SUP-boards for visiting popular tourist points on Russky Island were received through a competition, where 34 universities presented their projects for the program. The grant competition is organized with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

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