Jun 19, 2020 - FEFU News
The Demo Day of RU TechPark Student Online Accelerator 2020 was successfully conducted

On June 5, 2020, the Demo Day of “Startup as Diploma” Student Online Accelerator 2020 gathered 15 teams, which presented their high-tech projects in such clusters as IT, Robotics, Space technologies, VR and AR. The expert panel of the Demo Day included the representatives from Far Eastern Federal University, Far East High Technology Fund, Skolkovo Foundation, VEB Ventures, Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, Japan Center in Vladivostok.

Following the tradition of launching the Accelerator on the Cosmonautics Day, this year Russky Technopark successfully managed to organize the acceleration program exclusively for students in the online format. The Technopark has received 137 applications to participate in the «Startup as Diploma» Student Online Accelerator, and after careful selection, 15 teams were enrolled in the program. Overall, the participants have spent about 100 hours on traction-meetings and worked on their projects with the assistance of more than 20 invited speakers, experts, and professional trackers.

After the final presentations, the first prize of the Demo Day was granted to the "LowThrust" project, the universal solar sail module for small spacecraft, developed by Anastasia Khramtsova. The LowThrust developer was awarded with a prize of 100 thousand rubles (about 1,400 US dollars). Alexander Ustyuzhaninov with his project "Mesto ryadom", navigation and analytical system for horizontal and vertical positioning indoors, took the second place. The third place was granted to gift selection service based on open data analysis in social networks, "Give me gift", project presented by Olga Kobchenko. Moreover, Yuri Kharlamov, Far East High Technology Fund Mentor, selected two other projects, ARGO and PROSTO.AI, for personal mentorship.
"I am delighted to note that all teams have shown significant progress within the 1,5 months of intensive work. It is also worth mentioning that four projects in frames of the program have launched product sales, which is quite an important result for such a short period. Russky Technopark launched this year’s Accelerator taking into account the feedback received from students, and I should say that our work and efforts have paid off. RU TechPark Student Online Accelerator 2020 became a truly unique and productive event", - commented Dmitry Borovikov, Russky Technopark CEO.

Russky Technopark (RU TechPark) is designed to create the ecosystem of technology entrepreneurship in order to ensure the innovative development of the entire Russian Far East, and to assist Russian hi-tech companies in entering the promising Asia-Pacific markets. Established pursuant to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Technopark is based at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russky island in Vladivostok. Since 2020, Russky Technopark has become the regional operator of Skolkovo Foundation, maximizing its value for more than 75 resident companies. Most of the residents represent IT cluster, but there is a number of prominent projects in other clusters too, such as Biotech, Robotech, Energytech and etc. Besides that, Russky Technopark is actively engaged in the work with students through the “Startup as Diploma” program and FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center.