Sep 14, 2020 - FEFU News
Vladimir Putin: "FEFU is one of the leading higher educational institutions in Russia"

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin noted the importance of creating a synchrotron on Russky Island and called Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) one of the country's leading educational institutions. He made this statement during a meeting with the winners of the Superfinal of the Leaders of Russia 2020 competition, answering a question from FEFU Vice-President for Research Alexander Samardak.

“You know, when I come to Vladivostok, I cannot help but feel delighted when I look, especially in the evening, at the university. And I think we made a very correct decision in preparation for the APEC summit to build the necessary buildings and structures in such a way that they would be suitable for the future higher educational institution. Moreover, we chose the right place for its location. We have a lot to develop, a completely new platform. It is very pleasant that the university is gaining reputation so quickly, at such a pace, - said Vladimir Putin. - Of course, the project you mentioned, the synchrotron on Russky Island, is an extremely important project; we must create such a network in Siberia and the Far East. In the European part of Russia, we already have one, it also requires certain development. This will give an opportunity to conduct scientific research and commercialize many areas of activity."

In his address to Russia's President, FEFU Vice-President for Research Alexander Samardak noted that the university has created a powerful modern laboratory for the study of magnetic materials and a strong team of young scientists who, having access to equipment of the highest level, go head to head with their colleagues from the world's leading research centers.

Vice-President for Development Dmitry Zemtsov and Vice-President for Research Alexander Samardak from the FEFU team were among the 106 winners of the Superfinal of the Leaders of Russia 2020 competition.