Dec 24, 2018 - FEFU News
Vladimir Putin: we will continue to support Far Eastern Federal University

The government of the Russian Federation will continue to support Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Large Press Conference on December 20, responding to a question about the priorities for the development of the Far East. The head of state stressed that the Far East is one of the key areas of the country's development.

“We have a wide range of measures for the Far East and Primorsky Region development. It is associated with the creation of favorable conditions for development in the Far East - these are well-known Territories of Advanced Development, the “Far Eastern Hectare”, the development of infrastructure, ports, airports, support for exports. All this will be actively developed. This is one of the key areas of development of the country, our outpost in the Far East, something that creates additional competitive advantages. We will definitely develop science, education, we will continue to support Far Eastern Federal University. We will certainly develop the shipbuilding cluster, support the aviation cluster. A completely new space cluster has emerged, this is our Vostochny cosmodrome. The biology of the sea and everything related to sea products will also be in our attention. I have no doubt that we will achieve positive results”, said Vladimir Putin.

Far Eastern Federal University is in the center of constant attention of the President of Russia. As a result of the Eastern Economic Forum, most of the instructions of the head of state are related to the development of FEFU and the creation of a science and technology center on Russky Island. We are talking about the creation of Russky Technopark, the center of "digital development", a unique scientific installation of the mega science class and engineering divisions of the largest companies, as well as providing Russky Island with a special legal status for implementing innovative projects on its territory. 

FEFU Press Service