Dec 5, 2017 - International cooperation
FEFU faculty and students did internship at Huawei

For the first time, the Far Eastern Federal University faculty and students did educational internship under the Seeds for the Future Program at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. From November 11 to 25, the participants got acquainted with new developments and projects of the world's leading IT solutions provider at its headquarters in Shenzhen, PRC.

A total of 12 Russian participants attended the internship, including three people from FEFU. Vitaly Kapitan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Systems, FEFU School of Natural Sciences; Pyotr Andryuschenko, postgraduate student and Alyona Medvedeva, student of the Department of Pacific Asia, FEFU Oriental Institute–School of Regional and International Studies, were invited by Huawei.

The internship took place on the main campus of Huawei. At the lectures, the company's employees described the projects on development of IT and telecommunications, many of which are still in the development stage. In innovative laboratories, students and teachers learned to connect and configure Huawei equipment for 3G/4G networks.

"Huawei technologies are used throughout the world, and it is a great success to have internship in the company," said postgraduate student Pyotr Andryushchenko. "We worked in campus laboratories, where an incredible amount of equipment is located only on the one floor. At the lectures, we were told about the 5G network development, the Internet of Things, and projects of cloud service development. It is very interesting to learn about such technologies at the creation stage."

Seeds for the Future Program has been operating in Huawei since 2008 and is aimed at the digital economy development in different countries and introduction of international students and researchers to the latest developments in the information and communication technologies. The program has already covered students and young researchers from more than 200 universities in 77 countries. Representatives of Russia have participated in the Seeds for the Future Program since 2012 with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science.