Mar 28, 2018 - Science and innovations
Article by FEFU professor has been recognized as one of the best in world math

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The research paper by Evgeni Nurminski, Professor at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), was among the six most interesting publications by contemporary mathematicians from around the world. The research work was entitled 'A Beautiful Paper' when presented by an international expert council at a seminar at the University of Florence (Italy).

Leading international mathematicians called the article Single-Projection Procedure for Linear Optimization by Evgeni Nurminski, Professor of the FEFU School of Natural Sciences, as 'beautiful'. It was published in 2016 in the international Journal of Global Optimization and is devoted to a new method for solving optimization problems using the projection operations.

“The participants of the seminar highly appreciated and were really impressed by the Professor Nurminski's solution. He has presented the results obtained on the basis of a brilliant geometric idea, supported by a mathematical rationale in his article,” said Professor Manlio Gaudioso of the University of Calabria (Italy).

Eugene Nurminski explained that he proposed a new approach in the publication, which can be useful for solving problems of analysis and improvement of large systems, what is called the BigData perspective now.

“It's nice that my work was so highly appreciated by international colleagues. Articles submitted at the seminar are of really high level. Among the selected authors, for example, is the outstanding American mathematician George Danzig, who invented linear programming in its modern form. This proves that the Russian mathematical school can show high results, but it is very important to develop it and bring up a new generation of researchers,” believes Evgeni Nurminski.

Evgeni A. Nurminski, Professor, Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics, School of Natural Sciences, Far Eastern Federal University, D.Sc. (Phys. & Math.), Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, has been working at the university for more than 30 years. He has been active in scientific research since the 1970s, and in 1978–1983 he was a research fellow at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna (Austria). He is the author of about 200 publications in domestic and international journals. The research work on the 'beautiful' article was supported by a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.