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Jan 29, 2018 - Science and innovations
FEFU professor received more than 300 patents for inventions in robotics

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Vladimir Filaretov, professor at the FEFU School of Engineering, has been awarded more than 300 patents in the field of robotics for years of scientific work. The Head of the Department of Automation and Control is the FEFU absolute record holder in terms of the number of patents. His solutions make it possible to significantly improve industrial robots: to make their work faster, more accurate, and ultimately improve productivity.

At present, Professor Filaretov has issued more than 100 patents in the field of industrial robotics, more than 150 in the field of underwater robotics and about 50 in related fields, as well as more than 30 certificates for software products.

“Accuracy should ensure the quality of work, and speed should ensure productivity. That is why it is so important for us to create new control systems for robotics, which are built on the basis of new principles and methods,” said Vladimir Filaretov, the Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Inventor and Engineer.

According to the professor, the traditional robot manipulator control systems do not provide high accuracy of fast movement. In recent years, the researcher has proposed several solutions to this problem. Among the latest inventions is a series of self-adjusting electrical actuators for manipulators. The FEFU researchers have already implemented new inventions in the industrial robot with a technical vision and an intelligent control system. There are no analogues of this technology in the world yet, and its elements are now being tested at Dalpribor Plant, Vladivostok.

“Production technologies are developing rapidly, and our task is to track this development and speeding it up. We continuously discuss ideas with Russian and international colleagues. Every innovation is noticed, implemented in our systems and we obtain qualitatively new technologies. We are already seeing the prospects for rapid development based on the systems of technical vision, new digital technologies, and virtual reality tools,” Vladimir Filaretov added.

In 2018, Far Eastern Federal University will celebrate the 100th anniversary of engineering education in the Russian Far East. Over the years, many generations of qualified professionals, inventors, and researchers have made a significant contribution to the development of domestic industry, defense industry, and science.