Mar 2, 2018 - Science and innovations
FEFU researchers to develop new generation of intellectual robotics

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Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) will create the newest intelligent robotic systems. The FEFU researchers won a grant within the state task of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. Ten million rubles have been allocated for the two-year project.

According to Vladimir Filaretov, the Project Manager, Professor of the FEFU School of Engineering, Honored Inventor and Scientist of Russia, the group of researchers will develop intelligent systems for industrial robots of the new generation, capable of performing technological operations in conditions of uncertainty.

"The increasing competition in the world already now requires a qualitatively new jump in the robotization of technological processes associated with the implementation of any operations, complex ones including," said Vladimir Filaretov. "The development of adaptive and intelligent systems of industrial robots operating in conditions of uncertainty as well as changing working environment is of paramount importance."

According to the professor, every year in the world more research is being done in the field of creating sensitized industrial robots equipped with intelligent control systems. The most active research centers are in Britain, Germany, Japan, the United States, and China. In Russia, the leading technical universities of Moscow and the Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences are successfully engaged in solving these challenges.

"The main result of the work should not be so much the creation of a new theory of robot control, although it is very important, as real implementation of new solutions in the production for it to be modernized with the use of robots. Our technologies will contribute to the production of better quality and competitive products, at the regional enterprises for the time being, and, if successful, these solutions can be replicated, not only in the country, but in the world," Vladimir Filaretov added.

The research group of the FEFU School of Engineering will work on the project, which includes Dmitry Yukhimets, Dr.Sc., Alexander Zuev, PhD, and Anton Gubankov, PhD, as well as FEFU postgraduates and students. Partners are large industrial enterprises of Primorsky Krai: Dalpribor Plant and Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company.

The FEFU robotics engineers, under the guidance of Professor Filaretov, have already implemented several successful developments. The researchers created a new robotic complex with technical vision and intelligent control system at Dalpribor Plant in Vladivostok. There are no analogues of technology in the world yet, and its elements are now being field tested. By the beginning of 2018, Vladimir Filaretov has received more than 300 patents in the field of robotics.