Apr 11, 2018 - Science and innovations
Innovative chocolate with ginseng was created in FEFU

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Researchers at the School of Biomedicine of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have created chocolate enriched with high-tech ginseng extract. The main ingredient of the chocolate is obtained in a special way, which preserves the maximum effect of biologically active substances of ginseng, a root of life.

According to Maya Razgonova, the author of the invention, a postgraduate student at the Department of Food Science and Technology, FEFU School of Biomedicine, for the ginseng extract to be obtained they used a special technology of supercritical extraction with carbon dioxide under pressure of 400 bar (5802 psig). The result was the extraction of ginseng's healthy properties at the nanometer scale. This high-tech part of the work, led by the Senior Researcher Alexander Zakharenko, was carried out in the Nanotechnology Research and Education Center of the FEFU School of Engineering.

“CO2 extracts are complex aggregates of bioactive substances extracted from plant raw materials by means of carbon dioxide compressed to a supercritical state. Supercritical CO2 extraction allows us to obtain a concentrate with a ratio of biologically active substances almost identical to that of a natural ginseng. The new chocolate has good adaptogenic and strength-restoring properties; it is healthy and tasty,” said Maya Razgonova.

Tatiana Kalenik, Scientific Supervisor of the project, Professor of the FEFU School of Biomedicine, told that the ginseng used is a wild form of the plant found in the Lazovsky District of Primorsky Krai. The extract obtained with the help of nanobiotechnology allows us to keep the maximum of biologically active substances of this precious raw material. A single tile of the chocolate contains a daily dose of ginsenosides and other nutrients with immune-stimulant, antioxidant and energy-boosting effects.