Feb 26, 2018 - Science and innovations
New automation system is developed in FEFU Project Activity Center

Automation system for using in modern engineering platforms is developed by students of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) together with experts from MTS network provider and Dypex Group. The new technology is proposed to be used for remote control of Smart Houses, automation of industrial production, and other areas.

The joint research is conducted in the FEFU Project Activity Center. According to its head Stanislav Karpenko, the Proprietary Automation Systems Design laboratory, created in the center, has combined the intellectual potential of the university and the capabilities of partner companies. Such cooperation allows students under the guidance of mentors to to delve deeper into the full production cycle and achieve tangible results in the creation of new technological solutions.

The new automation system is proposed to be used in modern engineering solutions. For example, with its help, the user can remotely adjust to keep the optimum temperature in a Smart House, provide uninterrupted power supply, control lighting systems, automate the work of household appliances. In industrial production it is possible to establish an emergency control, economical consumption of energy- and heat-carriers, etc. In addition to the function of remote control of all processes, the system operates according to the specified scenario that allows to exclude errors.

"It's interesting to try your hand at a real project," said Ilya Bugrimov, a member of the development team, graduate student at the FEFU School of Engineering. "The work is diverse and everyone is responsible for their area: some for software, I'm for radio communication. Participation in the design of the system will help in the training and master's thesis. Now we are preparing a laboratory bench, and in the future, I hope, we will also take up big projects. "

According to Alexey Starinets, the director of Dypex Group (dealing with the implementation of integrated IT solutions), the proprietary automation system is worthy to enter the market:

"Joint development with FEFU students allow us to introduce new ideas and technologies into the project. We'll try to run our system on test sites in the first place, possibly in the university itself, and we hope to enter the market in the future. I think this project has all the chances to succeed."

The Project Activity Center began to work at Far Eastern Federal University in 2017. This is a platform where students of different areas of study realize their own ideas or integrate into existing projects. Future economists, marketers, lawyers, engineers and designers can show their professional skills under the guidance of practitioner mentors. The team advisers are FEFU faculty and staff, businessmen and experts of leading companies.

The project activities are focused on six areas: Architecture and Design, Internet of Things and Big Data, Robotics, Bioengineering, Spacecraft and Multisatellite Orbital Systems, and Engineering Laboratory.

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