Jun 29, 2018 - Science and innovations
World-class reproductive center to be created in FEFU with the participation of partners from China and France

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International Institute of Reproductive Health will be opened in Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). Scientists of the School of Biomedicine (SBM) and medics of the FEFU Medical Center will be engaged in this newest, for the Russian Far East, line of research using the most modern technologies.

The Reproductive Institute is created with the support of one of the leading biomedical centers in Europe: the University of Montpellier Hospital (France). Juno Medical Co. (PRC) is ready to become a co-investor.

According to Vadim Kumeyko, SBM Deputy Director for Development, the School and the Medical Center are facing the challenge of exporting Russian health services. The establishment of the Institute of Reproductive Health in FEFU will allow scientists to develop new technologies using the best practices of European colleagues and introduce them into practical medicine to help families in need.

“There is a constant order from the Asia-Pacific countries for such kind of medical services. For example, in China, about 600,000 cycles of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) are performed each year, which does not even meet a tenth of the need of Chinese families. A huge flow of patients from Asia has been rushed to clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and there is no doubt that the Institute in Vladivostok will be in demand,” said Vadim Kumeyko. “Thanks to the partnership with the University of Montpellier Hospital and the support of Chinese investors, a world-class reproductive center may appear in FEFU.”

Professor of the University of Montpellier Samir Hamam was offered to become the scientific supervisor of the future Institute of Reproductive Health in FEFU.