Nov 30, 2016 - Student life
Days of Interethnic Unity in FEFU rallied students from different countries

The most popular and brightest annual cultural festival dedicated to the Days of Interethnic Student Unity (DISU), ended in Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). Within two days the representatives of 37 countries and four Russian republics brightly presented in a multifaceted manner the cultural features of their respective nations.

A parade of nations opened the large-scale festival: each delegation marched with the flags of their countries and republics, showing vast geography of DISU 2016. An exhibition fair was held for a day, where students presented costumes, games, household items, and arranged for tasting session of national cuisines. On the second day the delegations organized a concert, which reflected the dance and music traditions of different nations.

“The Festival was held at the highest standards,” said Ekaterina Albegova, the Head of the DISU Organizing Committee, student of the Oriental Institute–School of Regional and International Studies. "Every year we try to modernize the program and add something new. On the eve of DISU 2016 we have released a series of video diaries and a memorable album with manuscripts of each delegation. This allowed us to show the inside functioning of the Festival, and the guys and girls were able to share their feelings and emotions they experienced preparing for the Festival.”

Far Eastern Federal University is focused on adaptation of the representatives of different countries to the life in Russia, and the annual Days of Interethnic Student Unity promote interethnic friendship and develop tolerant relations in youth environment.

“This year the Days of Interethnic Student Unity were held with a special scale and in a unique atmosphere. Our students have again proved to everyone that the borders of countries and the difference in cultures is not an obstacle to friendship and companionship,” added Ilya Yaskov, the Director of the FEFU Department of Youth Policy.