Nov 2, 2017 - Student life
FEFU female student Victoria Shestopalova to compete for Russian Student Beauty title

A female student of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) Victoria Shestopalova is preparing to take part in the 2017 Russian Student Beauty contest. The grandiose event will be held from November 1 to 6 in FEFU, where 42 contestants from all over the country will compete for the prestigious title.

Victoria Shestopalova is studying mining at the FEFU School of Engineering. During the years of study she became one of the best students of the university: she performed at the All-Russian competitions and the Russian Student Spring festival as a member of the Talisman Band vocal group, joked in the KVN Wits and Humor Contest Premier League as a member of the FEFU Golden Horn team, received a prestigious scholarship for Special Merits to FEFU in 2017, and all this time well studied.

As Victoria admitted, she was offered to apply for the contest in the FEFU Center of Creative and Performing Arts and she could not refuse:

"I got a call and was invited to defend the honor of the university. I did not hesitate, it's a big honor to participate on behalf of FEFU. And I think this contest will be an excellent end to my studying at the university."

To become a participant of Russian Beauty contest, the student passed the distance stage: My Achievements is My Guarantee of Success portfolio competition and testing for the knowledge of the motherland's history. One of the key conditions was my academic performance average grade for the last two semesters: not less than B-grade. Victoria Shestopalova has withstood all the trials with honor.

In 2017, the face-to-face stage of the All-Russian competition is held for the first time beyond the Urals, and the FEFU campus is chosen as the venue. The qualifying tour will be held from 1 to 5 November—students will write an essay, pass an individual interview, make a presentation, take part in a business game, and defend a socially significant project. Only eight girls will reach the finals.

“I do not know if I'll get to the finals. The most talented and smart students from all over the country will come to Vladivostok, and I'll have to compete with them,” worries Victoria. “But I will try not to be too serious during the competition. The ability to laugh at yourself, to treat everything with humor is my strength. This is what I plan to make the jury to remember about me.”

Russian Student Beauty contest will end on November 6 with a grandiose show in the Building S of the FEFU campus. The final scenario is kept secret, but the organizers promise that it will be the best for the past years. The contest will be anchored by Vyacheslav Makarov, Once Upon a Time in Russia show actor, participant of the Kamyzyaksky Krai Regional Team at the KVN Wits and Humor Contest, and the jury will include singer Alekseev, Philip Voronin and Timur Babyak, the vice-champions of the KVN Wits and Humor Contest Supreme League, members of the Moonlight Detective Agency team, Yana Dobrovolskaya, Miss Russia 2016, and Elizaveta Druzhinina, participant of the Dances TNT Channel TV project.

Russian Student Beauty contest has been held from 2014 within the framework of the Russian Student Spring program of support and development of student creativity. In 2017 the organizers are the Ministry of Culture, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Russian Youth Union, Far Eastern Federal University, and the Primorsky Krai Administration.